5 Right Ways to Use Meal Replacement Shakes

Do you wonder if it’s really possible to lose weight just by drinking meal replacement shakes? The question is sure to arise, as there are so many people making claims of losing weight drinking these shakes.

And their claims are true, as you can lose weight drinking these shakes. It’s just that you need to know the right time and way to drink you shake. The following tips should prove helpful at ensuring you drink your shake right, so that you see results.

  1. Weight loss shakes form a suitable and healthier alternative to vending machine drinks or food if you don’t have time to have a proper meal at the office. So always keep a few drinks ready in your fridge at the office so that you can drink them when you have no other healthy alternative.
  1. If you are buying your weight loss drinks, don’t just blindly buy and drink them. Check its nutrition label as it’s essential that the amount of proteins in the shake be higher, or at least equal to the amount of carbs in the drink.

The reason for this is that higher protein levels help prevent a drop in your blood sugar levels, and also keeps you full for a longer period. However don’t worry if the drink has less protein as you can always compensate by eating some natural proteins like an egg or a handful of nuts. Consequently, you can also eat a portion of fruit if your shake contains less than 10 grams of carbs.

  1. You can also use your protein-rich shake as an additional small meal as it’s suggested to eat 5-6 small meals a day to curb your hunger pangs and restrict your calorie consumption. Multiple small meals also ensure your blood sugar levels remain stable throughout the day.
  1. Meal replacement shakes form a great protein source for those people who find it difficult eating sufficient proteins for their lunch. All you need is your drink and a small portion of salad to balance it and keep you full and satisfied. Of course, this is only if your shake carries about 200 calories and your salad, 200-300 as anything more will exceed your calorie intake and will not help you lose weight.
  1. Of course, it goes without saying that weight loss smoothies made blending ice and vanilla extract is perfect for soothing any ice cream cravings you have without worrying much about calories!

So you see, you need to know how and when you should have your meal replacement shakes. It’s meant to replace a meal, and not complement one. As long as you do your meal replacement right, you are on your way to losing weight!

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