Review of Ilife V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILife V3s is a robotic vacuum cleaner made to mop and vacuum your floors to perfection without the need to lift more than a finger. In addition to that, it includes a docking station and rechargeable battery, which is helpful if you are experiencing difficulties when vacuuming pet hair in your home. What makes this robotic vacuum cleaner different is that it’s equipped with a Pet Hair Care technology, which enables it to pick up all pet hairs.

Moreover, ILife V3s has 4 various cleaning modes, which include spot cleaning, edge cleaning, automatic cleaning, and scheduling. It uses twenty watts of power and specially made to fit under sofas and beds for total and complete clean. It means that you will enjoy total clean in every area of your home.

Amazing Features of ILife V3s

  • It is equipped with scheduling, enabling for cleanings to take place any time.
  • It’s equipped with the best Pet Hair Care technology.
  • It cleans the floors with little to no efforts on your part.


The front obstacle sensors of ILife V3s avoid barrier as well as protect the furniture in your home. Its full suite of cliff sensors keeps this robotic vacuum cleaner from falling off the stairs. Its barrier-cross height is 10mm max and it can climb for fifteen degrees max. It recharges and docks automatically.

Efficient and Easy

The spot mode of this robotic vacuum cleaner handles floors easily with heavy hair or fur. A schedule makes cleaning every day much convenient. Its included remote control offers clear options for some of your needs. For it to work, you only have to click on its Clean button.


ILife V3s is a standard vacuum design with a low profile and clean look. It is over 3.5” high and its front comes with wall sensors while the drop sensors are installed in the unit’s underside. There’s a hole for suction and 2 small brushes that will sweep the dirt inside. Depending on your preferences, you may stick the microfiber sweeping cloth into the base. The dust bin is simple to clean out through opening the top. It has a clean design that works and you only need to press its clean button for ILife V3s to get started.


ILife V3s was made for small areas and hard flooring. The suction is good on hard wood and linoleum. This performs quietly while sucking up and sweeping dust and dirt particles. Since its suction hole is central, it does not always works well on carpets. However, it is still useful in sweeping some areas of your home.

What You Will Like about ILife V3s

  • Much quieter compared to the typical vacuum.
  • Low profile fits under furniture and beds.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with micro fiber cleaning brushes
  • Little brushes to sweep and powerful suction
  • Ability to program cleaning by schedule.
  • 1-button click and this will clean your floor automatically.

What You Won’t Probably Like about ILife V3s

  • There are times that it misses its base.
  • There’s no carpet brush.
  • The cleaning patterns are random.

The Verdict

ILife V3s isn’t just a typical robotic vacuum cleaner. It offers good performance cleaning and will surely make your cleaning tasks much easier. However, if you have a carpet, it might not perform well. But, all in all, it makes one’s life easier.